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Get those dirty windows from Storm Eunice cleaned

dirty window after storm eunice

Get those dirty windows from Storm Eunice cleaned

Storm Eunice has battered Brighton and Hove and beyond, after a red warning was issued for Southern England for high winds. While many in exposed areas have had fencing destroyed, and roofing or guttering blown off, everyone is going to be left with dirty windows from Storm Eunice. Which comparatively speaking is an easy fix with an abundance of window cleaning services such as ourselves, but isn’t the nicest element to put up with as it’s so visible.

Where has the dirt come from?

Storm Eunice has had winds recorded of 122mph which is the strongest ever recorded, but why has it made windows dirty? Commonly it’s sand from the Sahara, which might be confusing as the storm came over from the Atlantic and over Ireland and Wales. In the troposphere water vapour cools and condenses around microscopic dust particles in the air to form rain clouds. When droplets become too heavy, they fall as rain and when it lands on windows, the water evaporates, leaving the dust particles behind. So it’s likely dust and dirt being whipped up by the wind and into the atmosphere, then remaining on your windows after it dries.

For those in Hangleton or Portslade, it’s likely soil from the fields on the south downs. Those on the coast in Southwick or Shoreham Beach, it is likely sea salt residue. This works in the same way where ocean spray evaporates but leaves the salt behind.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes it can be washed away, but using a hose or traditional methods may still leave residue and dust behind when the water dries. Normal tap water contains sediments and minerals anyway, which is why you get streak marks. So add sticky sea spray and dirt that also adheres firmly to the glass, then it’s a potential problem as if left untreated can cause structural issues beyond just looking dirty.

Purified water leaves your windows looking ultra clean, regardless of dirt build up. This is why the Pure Water System gives the best results every time enabling us to give a satisfaction guarantee.

What about my Gutters?

If you are lucky enough to have them still attached and that all the clips are still there, then you may find the wind and rain have pushed moss, bird nests and other debris from your roof into them causing a blockage. Our gutter cleaning service is on hand to get these cleared and as good as new. Blockages can cause overflows of rain water, which can damage the exterior of your house. So if you need us to come round with our ladders to check, just give us a call.

What is the difference Between Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Clearing?

Its important to check your gutters regularly for repair or cleaning work, particularly after heavy rain to ensure the water flow is going direct to the drains.

The difference between the two is simply terminology and is the same thing, although gutter cleaning is commonly used to refer to cleaning out the run and then a wash to look as good as new. So in effect gutter clearing is exactly the same thing.

Why it is possible to do this yourself, a professional service has all the right equipment, including tools to get into the downpipe which is a likely blockage area as it is where all the debris will get washed. Specialists know exactly where the common problem points are and can ensure they are running clear.

We cover Southern Sussex from Worthing to Saltdean, and North to Steyning area. So that covers all of Brighton & Hove like Patcham, Withdean, Westdene, Hangleton, Portslade, Aldrington, Southwick and Shoreham. Plus also Lancing, Ovingdean, and Rottingdean. Even if you don’t see your area mentioned, just drop us a call on 07826 524472 or complete the contact form below.