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Handy Tips for clean windows

clean windows

Handy Tips for clean windows

A lot of people ask us how we get such stubborn saints off of their windows and virous PVC frames, sills and cladding. Well the trade secret is a product called UBIC2000, its widely available on the internet so you shouldn’t struggle to find it. All you have to do is dilute the UBIC2000 concentrate with water, apply to the area which needs cleaning and leave for a minute. After that start to work the area with a cloth or brush. Do not let this dry as it will leave marks, just wash off with plenty of water. If you’re in any doubt or the stain isn’t shifting, contact us and we’re be happy to come and help.

Pink Stuff which is available from most supermarkets is also a good product to use.

We sometimes get called from Customers with damp problems inside there houses. This can be caused by blocked gutters not allowing rainwater to flow away quickly enough from a property resulting in the walls absorbing water. These blockages can sometimes be completely avoided by a bit of gardening. Cutting trees and bushes so they don’t grow into your gutter system can save you a lot of money in the long run. Other causes of blockage are however unavoidable, such as moss and even debris from birds and squirrels. These tend to build up in hard-to-reach areas, which is where our specialised equipment comes into its own. Another top tip is to have a regular annual gutter clearing program in place to stop any damp issues from arising. We will be more than happy to come and perform a one off clearing or make you a bespoke maintenance program taking into consideration your local environment and wildlife. Don’t delay, keep the damp away and contact us.

Other bug bears our customers ask for help with is paint, glue, tape or other types of residue that’s been left on their glass. For this, we sometimes use a Stanley Blade scraper. These are available from most DIY and hardware stores and you can pick up the correct PPE at the same time. Please be extremely careful when using this as it can cause harm to you and others or damage your glass/trim if used in the incorrect way. If you’re not confident using it then get in touch and were be happy to come and help.



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